Home Work: A new home + Kindle sale

Hello all! I am sending out this quick update to share some exciting news, in four parts:

  1. The Secret History of Home Economics Kindle edition is on mega-sale! Only $2.99, the same as a large-ish pack of Twizzlers. Get it here.

    1a. I have been mega into Twizzlers lately and I don’t have the slightest idea why, given that all last year I was into very strong black licorice, even the salty kind.

    1b. If you’ve read and liked the book, I’d love if you’d rate and review it on Amazon or Goodreads (same company) or anywhere else!

  2. The Boston Book Festival has pivoted to virtual, which is sad for me but great for y’all because now you can watch my Oct. 16 panel discussion on women’s work from anywhere.

  3. I have new work! I’m North Carolina storytelling reporter for Gannett/USA Today Network, writing sometimes about home economics and often about history, change, people left behind and the way we live. Which means …

  4. I am about to have a new home! In Durham, N.C., where 83 degrees the first week of October is considered unseasonably warm. Pinch me.

More substance later this month!

I’m justifying my failure to include a recipe on the fact that the cats and I are currently in an Airbnb, where I am dining on bagged salads and other inadequate-kitchenettestuffs. If you have any Twizzler insight, love or hatred, email me. You can order my book The Secret History of Home Economics in hardcover, e-book or audiobook. If someone forwarded this email to you, consider subscribing to it here.

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